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​Gravida Attorneys is a full-service commercial and litigation firm established with a vision to provide legal solutions to firms and build a multi-disciplinary institution with primary focus on the development and delivery of quality, professional, skilful, vibrant and expert legal services, as well as corporate management and governance and its Mission is to ensure that its services are in sync with the expectations of its Client in providing legal services making it a one-stop shop to legal solutions.

Our Core approach in the area of Dispute resolution is to assist Clients to manage their risk and explore the best options available to resolve their disputes.

The firm comprises of highly skilled practitioners and has a Consultant affiliate who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria with over 40 years experience.

With the global legal world embracing Alternative Dispute Resolution, We are skilled in resolving disputes through litigation, mediation, arbitration or expert determination.

Our Dispute Resolution whether in the area of Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution spans across contractual disputes, Recovery of Premises, Real Estate/Property, Matrimonial Proceedings, Custody, receivership, insolvency, tort, professional negligence, intellectual property, financial fraud, debt recovery, expropriation, insurance claims, tax matters, employment, libel, probate matters, trusts and transport.

Unlock hidden value. Create places of distinction.

Rapid urbanization, regulatory constraints and pressure on natural resources are just a few of the challenges that real estate investors face. The pressure is on for property owners and facility managers to implement viable and durable plans for long-term success.

From market analysis and financial feasibility to planning, due diligence, perfection of title approvals and deal structuring, GRAVIDA ATTORNEYS will guide you through the complexities and nuances of the real estate market.

The Firm has substantial expertise and experience in providing advice to clients (both individuals / Corporate entities) on statutory and regulatory compliance. We advise on matters relating to the Incorporation of Companies, Regulatory Framework for Companies, Intellectual Property and Corporate Governance.
We provide advisory services to local and foreign clients who have transactions or about to conduct business in Nigeria, either directly or through subsidiaries on the complexities of Nigerian law.

Asides registration /incorporation of Companies, the firm offers other value-added services as internal and external Company Secretaries such as offering legal advice and opinion, participate at the meetings of the Board and members of the companies, issue notices, produce and keep appropriate minutes and records, corporate governance, regulation, compliance, organization and mode of Share Structure, composition of the board and management,labour/employment related matters on behalf of the Company. 

​Gravida offers a wide range of Corporate and Commercial Law Services. Some services offered by our team involves a wide range of services in various Sectors like Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Security, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Institutions, Information Technology, which includes structuring and documenting transactions, joint ventures, due diligence,company secretarial services on such diverse issues such as advising on transaction structure, negotiating and drafting transaction documentation, corporate structure and corporate contracts.

Gravida provides effective advisory on insolvency and business re-organisation practice in Nigeria.

The firm provides business advice to companies and corporate shareholders in all aspects of insolvency law, including schemes of arrangement, restructuring and re-organisation, either as part of new investments, or resulting from corporate liquidations and winding up.

We have assisted aggrieved creditors in exercising their rights to Voluntary /Involuntary Winding up Companies.

​Gravida has developed extensive expertise in several areas of environmental law advising and representing public and private entities as well as the government. We practice in many specialized and complex areas of environmental law and represent clients in regulatory matters, permit proceedings, due diligence investigations, litigation, and a variety of corporate transactions. We advise on emissions trading, carbon reduction and clean development projects.

Gravida Attorneys offers comprehensive legal services in every aspect of intellectual property law and provides both established and innovative legal methods of protecting clients’ interests. Our team understands issues presented by complex technical and financial innovations and effectively proffer legal advisory. 

The firm handles matters (both of a contentious and non-contentious nature) relating to trademarks, patent, copyright, franchising, licensing, distributorship agreements and technology transfer. We file Copyright, trademark and patent and design applications in Nigeria.

Our Clients range from different sectors such as Information technology , Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Fashion homes which we assist in their trademarks, patent, copyright, franchising, licensing, distributorship agreements and technology transfer matters.

Our firm also offers litigation/investigative proceedings for clients whose intellectual proprietary rights have been infringed on.

Our highly experienced team and expertise cuts across all aspects of labour and employment law.

 As part of our services we offer a wide range of advisory legal service in matters of employment and Labour to help Clients minimize risk and avoid potential liability.

Such advisory services in matters of employment includes counselling, dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation and litigation,

Employee benefits, pension, workplace health and safety, out-sourcing, collective bargaining, immigration and employee issues arising from corporate restructurings and take-overs. We draft standard employment contracts and employee handbooks for several local and multinational clients. We work closely with our Clients, advising on strategic and operational employment issues and designing efficient policies taking into account, development in the legislative, judicial and commercial arena.

Your success is the result of years, likely decades of determination, careful strategy and hard work. Protecting your assets and the financial security of your family and business is critical.

Focused on your individual needs and objectives.
Our most senior professionals work with you ― and the providers, shareholders, stakeholders and family members you designate — to ensure your financial objectives are met.

Relationships founded on trust and dependability.
You can rely on us with confidence for all of your personal, family needs. We’re in your corner and by your side, as a confidant, adviser or team member. We’re here to support you at every stage of your personal and professional life. 

Our practice in this area includes advisory, documentations and representation of Clients in all aspects that involve the Entertainment and Fashion industry. We are positioned to help individuals/businesses affiliated to Fashion Homes, Modelling Agencies, Photography, Film, Theatre, Music and Creative Artists to address all their legal needs.

Our bespoke legal service is tailored to this creative industry and spans from financing, licensing, image rights, distribution, merchandising, securities, negotiating co-productions, branding, artiste management and drafting requisite industry contract using a combination of the Law of Contract and Intellectual Property.